Info today direct from Chevrolet as it communicates its future Corvette plans with its dealers.

The big news of course is that we finally have a hard date on when the 2023 model year will end and the start of the 2024 models.
According to that information deck sent to dealers, Chevy will be running the 2023 model year until September 1st, and then the 2024 model year Corvettes will start retail production on Tuesday, September 5th, which is the day after Labor Day.

In addition to 2024 SORP date, Chevy says the vehicle order guide will be out on July 10th, and the visualizer will go live on July 18th.
There was no date yet for the start of ordering for the 2024 model year.

We still have many questions about why the model year is running until September 1st, yet, customer sold orders (SRE) for the Z06 were halted on April 5th.
Dealers can still submit dealer stock orders (TRE) for any additional allocations that come in.

In other headlines,
Chevy says look for the 1st E-Ray Academy Series video to be released today, April 6th, and a Chevy MyWay presentation will happen on April 20th at 11 AM ET for another Corvette Expert Sessions which will focus on the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School.

On Another note, car insurance companies do not want to insure the highly costs of the Corvette Carbon Fiber wheels

Lastly, this is the beginning of a Stingray order cycle for April, and we understand that quantities are limited. Here are the constraints for April:

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