April 11, 2023, NHTSA ID NUMBER: 11516490

NHTSA ID Number: 11516490
Incident Date, April 1, 2023

Vehicle Identification Number 1G1YC3D4XP5****
Summary of Complaint

The hood unexpectedly opens and can fly up and cause loss of forward vision.
The hood can fly off and cause death. With no visibility, a collision can cause death.

April 7, 2023, NHTSA ID NUMBER: 11515907

NHTSA ID Number: 11515907
Incident Date, March 28, 2023
Vehicle Identification Number 1G1YC3D4XP5****

Summary of Complaint

The reverse camera works intermittently, but fails more often than it works properly.
Able to reset by shutting car off and leaving door open for 90 seconds, then restarting.
Works for that ignition/drive cycle, but then becomes unreliable again after next startup. The car is a week old.
Have not brought to dealer yet for warranty claim, however as this is a required safety system I am reporting it.

March 29, 2023, NHTSA ID NUMBER: 11514474

NHTSA ID Number: 11514474
Incident Date, March 18, 2023

Consumer Location Unknown
Vehicle Identification Number 1G1YB2D42P5****

Summary of Complaint

The vehicle has had rear and front camera failure within 72 hours of me buying it (91 miles); and I let my sales guy know, we decided to bring it by the dealership one day when it is malfunctioning.
I got it to act up that Saturday 3/18/23 with 123 miles, and it showed 2 DTC's (B1A62 and U0131), but with a limited staff, they had no one to look at it. Still not upset, I said whatever and figured I would just drive it and bring it back during the weekdays
It happened again this morning on the way to work, and I took it right in; they were able to scan it again and show the fault codes.

This is where it gets really upsetting; the tool/adapter they need to test the AV cable is showing June 16th ship date. I sell cars for a living also, and this is something I would never expect a customer to just deal with and wait.
I literally can't drive the car in and out of my driveway without the camera system.

My wife almost ran into the door because the camera does not work. My fear is a child could be hit or run over, and I can't believe General Motors is ok with a new vehicle being sold, failing immediately after delivery, and having no way to fix the problem.
I have contacted someone at GM corporate, and they also instructed me to wait for diagnostic.
This is a concern on other Corvettes, and not the first instance of this happening.

October 26, 2022, NHTSA ID NUMBER: 11490966
Components: POWER TRAIN

NHTSA ID Number: 11490966
Incident Date, October 21, 2022
Consumer Location, SARASOTA, FL
Vehicle Identification Number 1G1YC3D41P5****

Summary of Complaint

The contact owns a 2023 Chevrolet Corvette.
The contact stated that while the vehicle was in reverse(R), the transmission failed to engage as the gear indicator light began to flash, and the service transmission message was displayed on the instrument panel.

After multiple attempts, the contact was able to engage the transmission and drove the vehicle to the dealer, where they were unable to diagnose or service the failure.
The manufacturer was notified of the failure and a complaint was filed. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 812.

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