On Thursday, GM will kick off another round of 2023 Corvette Stingray orders, but buyers will have 2 fewer colors to choose from.

Elkhart Lake Blue & Caffeine have officially been built out, and Aprilís order cycle was the last chance to order them.

GM updated production totals for the 14 different exterior colors that were available for the 2023 Corvette model year.
Elkhart Lake Blue was at only 5% of the Stingray production & was ranked 9th of the 14 exteriors,
while Caffeine came in ranked last with just 1% of orders.

That means there are just around 380 or so Caffeine Stingrays were bought

For the Z06, Elkhart Lake Blue was at only 4% of production, but it ranked 13th of 14 exterior colors.
Dead last was Caffeine, which accounts for just 1% of Z06 production.

While Caffeine was just a one-year color, Elkhart Lake Blue has been around since 2019 and the final year of the C7 Corvette before appearing on all 2020-2023 model years of C8 Corvette production.

For the 2024 model year, Chevrolet is replacing Elkhart Lake Blue with the new Riptide Blue Metallic,
and Caffeine will be replaced with Cacti, which we expect will also have a low single digit percentage of production.
The last change for exteriors on the 2024 models is that Sea wolf Gray Tri-coat will be replacing the popular White Pearl that appears on the 70th Anniversary models.

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