This clown owner of a C8 buys crap because these for profits forum as the one below markets how great their "supporting Vendors" who pay that waxer forum, so they can profit also)
The supporting vendor in this case that sells other so-called "mods" knowing they will void GM warranty, though vendor and forum seems to forget to inform the buyers
Mod in this case is collar spacers that when installed with the front coil overs force the front end to sit down lower but in doing so puts stress on the GM design causing failures of not just that coil over but also the fluid system to leak out, now affecting both front weeks

Of course, GM would rightly void the warranty and in this clowns' case a repair bill for about his claim of $2,000
and then has the balls to say to not void warranty is instead to swap out GM springs with shorter ones and states GM will not void warranty if doing that
which is total bullshit rock
Clown does a Y-tube, while trying to profit from this by selling other crap via Y-tube bana2

Clown needs to spend less time jerking his arm up and down, and he's even trying first to get GM to do warranty repair, and either rip up the whole warranty and than free to put all the crap, high-priced junk mods on

In either of those mods you still screw up the shock's design as the amount of travel to the calibration of shock fluid valving

The below forum marketing, this vendor highly profits from using the American Corvette as his marketing tool
He suggests, people DONATE money to his cause, also uses Zorra's name for further special memberships costs and then makes a ton if
money charging each so-called supporting vendor some nice monthly to even yearly fees.
While sitting on his ass as the members are most of the product by the posts they write on that forum

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