This is the complete edition of the RCR Stories on the history of the Corvette.
Originally released as a trilogy on the main channel, this edit compiles the award-winning saga into one epic video.

Follow the history of one of the most iconic cars in American automotive history, from its genesis at Chevrolet under the visionary Harley Earl, through its rise in popularity, the suspicious year that didn't have a Corvette at all, and all the way through to the march to mid-engine.

It's an unforgettable saga of automotive ingenuity, innovation deferred, and a remarkable resurgence in prestige for a car whose identity has changed over the years from sports car superstar, to mid-life crisis car, and back again.

How was the Chevy Corvette created?
Why is it so revered?
And what is its outlook for the future?
Originally released in installments over on the main channel, this is the omnibus that collects the three different parts into one engaging whole.
This is RCR Stories: The Complete History of the Corvette.

Three hours long :

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