Refer to my other testing on use of N20 in this section.

Being the last dragraces of the year are near it was time to test the N20 so trailered the '99 Corvette to the track about 150 miles from home.

Weather was just about 80 deg, track at sealevel.

1st pass was just on our custom tuned NA stroker engine with water/meth injection on

Ease scanner data results :

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From a chart's view of scanner data ( notice hugh wheel spin when going from 1st to 2nd gear around 48-53 MPH

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2nd run, ran with 150 shot of N20, as we can see and as proven many times the PCM cannot see N20 thus cannot compute valid HP and torque values

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From a chart's view of the run, notice by 10.6 ET speed was already 131 MPH but due to using street tires and lousy track conditions hugh wheel spin when shifting to 4th gear.
Notice with N20 on how much wheel spin in all gear shifts

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Here is a compare of elapsed time and how each did to speed in MPH

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Track threw me off track for running faster then a 11.5 ET and not having roll bar in this coupe puke

Difference then of a 12.4 ET at 113 MPH without N20 and then a 11.3 at 131 MPH with the 150 dryshot coming on at about 6,000 Hz of MAF output being our controller triggers off it which then triggers the N20 ON.

With the 3.73 rearend gear and 335/30/18 street tires the car has zero traction but the test was about what dryshot N20 does for performance when PCM is customed tuned for it.

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