So now another C8 burns up, been several like this from the get go with this design

From a C8 Owner :
I was at an SCCA Track Night in America last week, my 6th event this year, when the engine let go and caused a fire in the rear end.

FYI, the car was fully track prepped, cambered alignment, 2 extra quarts trans fluid, DOT-4 brake fluid, etc.

The car had 5,200 miles on it. Oil changed around 2,000 and again at 4,000.

Claim opened with GM and pictures and videos sent to them on Friday afternoon.
Well see how it plays out, but Im assuming it will be under warranty?


GM sent out an inspector subcontracted from Vertex Aerospace, apparently a division of Raytheon, on September 12th.

Since then, I have heard nothing directly from GM. I talked to the dealership where the car is located, who said they E-Mailed an inquiry to GM on Tuesday 9/26 and heard back that same day that they had just received the inspector's report, and it was being reviewed by the engineers at GM.

As I mentioned before, the car was completely track prepped, so I can't imagine GM decides this is somehow my fault. All this waiting is killing me, though!

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