This is a 2000 A4 C5, owner had dyno tuned some time ago by Extreme Motorsports in Lubbock, TX

Mods done :

Stock 2001 ZO-6 Head, Cam and Intake
stock air bridge
accordion connector
Polished throttle body
Aftermarket MAF
Blackwing filter with Icebox and cutout shroud
Under pulley
170 thermostat
TPIS Long Tube Headers/B&B PRT's
Ron Davis radiator/oil cooler

Owner just added SVO 30 injectors and
3:73 Gears/Vigilante 2800 Torque Converter

So he came to us for a tune for those changes.

Owner having our PCM flash tool downloaded the PCM flash file which they emailed to us and some of the bad crap we found shown via a tuner tool :

Just a few of the ills we saw in this tune :

Here was see the lazy crap, instead of proper tuning to assure good timing and no ping/knock they set the LOW octane timing table with the same values as the HIGH octane table thus if there was real ping the PCM would NOT yank any timing.
We found none of the knock tables themselves tuned.
This would over long term cause abuse to the pistons, rings and cylinder walls.

[Linked Image]

Here we see tuner turned OFF the misfire DTC error so that the PCM would never report real misfires on the DIC nor would it report misfires via a OBD-II scanner.
As seen the mods done would give some performance gains but as seen they set the torque management to 500 ft/lbs which means the engine would never reach that limit and never kick in the safety functions.
Again lazy work for we found misfire tables were not tuned.
The WOT/PE table they set all engine loads/condtions to the same AFR of a 12.0:1 which is too rich and were to lazy to set the AFR differently for each engine condition

A4 trannie has a ABUSE mode, as seeing the values tuner used if the driver launched the car hard at the drag strip abuse mode would kick in and the values they used would force PCM to command abuse on for a long period of time which would be a negative for this owner does drag race.

[Linked Image]

This again shows that unless you know how to tune, have and use a OBD-II scanner you might think the tuner gave you a good tune but in fact long term the tune is junk due to tuner more interested in your checkbook and spending little time tuning for all powertrain/drivetrain conditions

Team ZR-1
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