Since the Rebel has several engine mods, installing the news LS6 intake manifold seemed like a good mod since it would work well with other engine mods for a result of about 20 H.P (same in torque) at rear wheels.

A chassie dyno will be next to compare it to the baseline dyno of a few months ago.
I choose not to remove the cooling lines that run under the manifold, from one head to the other, since Chuck Mallett told me best performance is with maintining those lines and thus the small ridges on the bottom of new intake was ground down to assure clearance for those lines.
The drive after the install showed a smoother idle then the engine had with the type of cam it has and getting to redline seemed to be reached quicker then before.

Next is a chassie dyno and a test and tune at the track to get hard perfomance numbers to see what the gain really is.

Click here for the report"
LS6 Intake Project

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