With the changes made to the Rebel related to the amount and temperature of incoming air
into the engine, tests showed the changes caused the engine to function too lean when
not under WOT.

Being I had no way of directly changing the long term fuel tables, I used a MAF Translator instead.

Right after the changes to the intake were done, traces recorded of the fuel tables showed
better then a 8 percent lean condition when engine was at normal operating temps.

This can be seen at : http://teamzr1.com/8percentlean.html

After several test sessions, studying the results, and making changes to the MAF translator,
I was able to get the fuel table about perfect when not under WOT conditions as seen at:

Fuel cells 1 through 19 are while using the gas pedal, but not when WOT, idle or just releasing
gas pedal. B1 means left head and B2 is right head.

The area in Blue, is the math formulas doing the averages and results.

The answer being sought are then for B1 & B2.

As to WOT, the page where the engine is lean, there was a few WOTs done and shows
in that condition fuel table is slightly rich and also needs a tad adjustment which also can be done
via the MAF translator.

J.R ( Replacing carb jets were so much easier smile

Team ZR-1
True Custom Performance Tuning