here is an update from teammate Ed who has been the lead on getting a custom exhaust shop to build
us the right products for sound and performance. As you can see Ed has gotten us costs that are special to teammates only.

OK John, think we are back on track with the 3" system. Brian has been devoting his time to finishing the C5 systems, which are now done.There
are 2 systems. In Summary;

1. Sport
A good sounding system. 30 hp over stock at 2000-2300 rpm, but flattens out to only 6 hp increase at full throttle. Has a slight resonance at
1500-1700 rpm with automatic, but stick has no resonance. Our price for this system is $590

2. Touring
Only slightly louder than the stock system. No resonance anywhere.
About 6 hp gain over stock. Our price is $550.

Both systems are stainless steel, and look good.

I am taking my ZR-1 in on Thursday to start the C4 project. That's all
for now, will keep you informed of progress.

Thanks for the report Ed, let us know when the C4 products have been tested.

Any ideas on the sport version you spoke about, does the numbers sound good for their design ?

Team ZR-1

Team ZR-1
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