After installing the Mallet heat exchanger, to reduce oil temps, here is the first findings:

Before mods After Mods

Water = 192 Water =192
Oil = 214-220 Oil = 185 -194 ( both in degrees)

Thus about 30 degrees cooler with the Mallet heat exchanger under kinda normal driving. That's about 30 degrees positive to the oil temps, plus for at higher speeds even more cooling difference would be seen.
So this mallet mod does what it should and considering the exchanger is only the size of a upper radiator hose, it works well.

The average speed for this trip was 83.4 MPH, with speeds from 30 to 130 MPH.
22.3 MPG.

Oil temps stated constant at 192 most of the time, no matter what speed or RPM the engine was in.
I even "lugged" the engine by turning on the cruise ( Ecch ) and keeping it at 65 MPH in sixth gear, pulling up hills.

As to opening up the airflow by my Dremel mod :-) the intake temps are

Before mod After mod

112-133 73-87 degrees. Outside temp was 58 degrees.

Mallet's design is very solid and professional appearing,
The exchanger replaces the stock upper radiator and the oil filter is moved to the lower left front fascia.

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