In making tuning changes and hundreds of WOT tests, it was time to see if what has been learned is repeatable.

For this test I first flipped the switches on the MAFT translator to determine that after the PCM has adjusted for a certain level of ATF ratio that I could simply then set the MAFT with certain switch setting and get perfect performance values for :

  • Long term fuel trim
  • O2 voltage
  • limited knock
  • Timing

Keep in mind the Rebel has long tubed headers, custom heads, cam, and larger injectors.
As the results from this test shows, all knock could be deleted, great timing, and O2s reporting exhaust gases showing about perfect ratio for WOT.
This result was during use of cell 22 of fuel table which is under WOT.

Keep in mind the engine compression is higher then stock at 11.3:1

PCM data was collected via the Ease enhanced powertrain scanner.

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