ok is there any seat of the pants way to tell if the torque converter is slipping? this is a 92 auto with a 3.54 rear. if i power brake i can get to about 1800rpm before the wheels feel like they're moving. when i let off the brake though it seems like theres a lag and then the shift and the car starts going. its definately slower taking of that way versus just planting the g-pedal at the green light. i was thinking it was the tranny slipping at first but the shifts are very firm (tires chirp on the 1-2 shift) when its cold and after its hot things seem mushy or sluggish. any other clues as to whats going on there?

Clarence 92 Blk/Red Coupe
open air lid - TB bypass - 160 stat - Ported LT1 Intake - SuperChip Eprom - Headman headers - no resonator - no mufflers - no cats - 3.54 Rear