C8 owner and wife just going for a short trip and just getting gas (here in the USA it is E10 or E15 which attracts water) will cost from $2K to 3K plus on brand new C8 frown
From Owner :
Never buy high octane at an out-of-the-way gas station as you can be sure they do not sell a lot of it and sits way too long

13 Oct 2021 - Bad Gas? Today, 02:40 PM

Think I got fuel with water mixed in; fuel system shot. Any experience with this for anyone? Will gas station pay?

Wife and I departed the house at approximately 10:30 in the morning in 21 C8 Corvette, intending to drive to the coast for lunch and sailing.
Gas tank had about 1/4 tank remaining, so intended to refill gas at shell station in Hartford, AL since this was on the way.

On reaching the intersection of 84 and 123 noted a rollover accident, stopped to assist since we are both physicians, once the scene was attended by EMS and the patient appeared stable we proceeded toward Hartford.

Up to this point, the engine was running smoothly with full acceleration, proper shifting intervals and no stalling; additionally, no abnormalities were noted on the fuel gauge.

Arrived at Scooter Store Shell on 200 W Main St, Hartford AL and purchased approximately 15 gallons of premium 93 octane shell gasoline (top tier supposedly) through self serve pump #2. Pumps credit card reader was inoperative, so I went inside to pay.

After departing Hartford and heading towards Esto FL, we noticed that the engine was running less smoothly than normal and the fuel tank - though should have been full - was exhibiting only a three-quarter tank and the quantity of fuel indicated on the dash was rapidly declining; DCT shifting was hesitant and acceleration RPMs increased in stuttering fashion.

At this point we decided that there was some malfunction occurring with the vehicle and immediately called the Chevrolet dealership and discussed options. Advice was that the best course of action would be to immediately head to our local Chevrolet dealership for a diagnostic.

The vehicle stalled once during the drive back to the dealership and on restart I noted the fuel indicator showing full and then suddenly dropping to empty and then back to full repeatedly. Diagnostic at dealership confirm engine running "lean" but they were unsure of cause.

Left the car at dealership for continued workup and returned home that afternoon.

October 15 2021,
Testing performed over the prior 48 hours confirmed fuel contamination, with test sample showing about 1/4 water with some debris.

Collected sample on the afternoon of 15 Oct; remediation would require replacement of fuel pumps and sensors, as well as complete fuel system disassembly and cleaning.
Subsequent reinstallation and then running a few gallons of clean 93 octane through the system would also be required before the car can be used again.

Parts and labor will take about 2 to 3 weeks to complete, estimated costs in the $2-3k range according to manager.

Warranty would not cover this and dealer is hosing this guy

Also, on 15 Oct contacted by phone at 14:29 Scooter Store to inform them of the test results and asked to speak with owner.
The female manager claimed the owner not available until the next day at 0700 and that it was impossible for the contaminated fuel to have come from their pumps because they are inspected.

Also, I should bring this up with "Shell, since it is their gas."

I wanted to give them a chance to make good on their faulty and dangerous product and also take that source offline to prevent any further vehicles being damaged there.
Her insistence that it was not from their pump encouraged me to contact the Weights & Measures Office of Alabama to request testing be performed at the Hartford Shell facility.

October 16, 2021
Called gas station this morning at 0855 and spoke with a person identified himself as Kevin Patel.
He states that no other customers have had a problem and that I should put in claim through my auto insurance.

He did not seem to have any interest in resolving the issue, seeing the fuel sample, or even taking my name or contact details.

Called my USAA insurance next to initiate claim at 0910.
Comments, thoughts?

Guess a lesson learned may be, "don't buy 93 octane in a small village gas station where the credit card reader doesn't work."
They don't get enough sales in that flavor and evidence poor upkeep.
And I have to give kudos to the state official I contacted, she was awesome taking all the information, emailing the request form to me on the spot and making the day overall a better one.
Poor woman was out driving when I called her, asked me to hold while she pulled over and activated her mobile office (laptop)

Update: C8 Owner calls the state, they send a guy to station, and he finds 3 inches of water just in one tank and many other infractions of state law
and requires station to fix all and get retested by 10/12/21 or lose their state license

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