Repair C5 Sports Seat Air Bladders
by teamzr1 on 06/13/18 08:07 PM

Common problem for the side bolsters quit working due to a air inlet fitting breaking, cheap plastic

Also as shown the outbound side is prone for the fiberglass support on side of bladders to take body weight as getting in or out of car to break
Thus then the side bolster has no support and inlet air hose fitting breaks so now neither side bolster works as the use the same air hose supply from the pump

In my case 1999 C5 Coupe, Sports seats that allow adjusting the upper, lower lumbar and both side bolsters

In this case trying to glue air fitting, repair side support, adding added strength of support with thin wood with rivets to bound to repaired side support
Replaced bladder with a bloodpressure cuff gotten from Walmart for $15. Stripped what I did not need and fitted bladder with Velcro to
bolster side support. Works just fine that way

When removing seat take case taking off the 2 wiring connectors under the seat on outer side and then turn front of seat out the door
then take seat out. Reverse when installing back in

Take care in undoing the two zippers in the upper back of seat to get leather off and then the six push pins that hold center of back and the plastic sheet that
holds the four bladders ( upper/lower and side ones)

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Team ZR-1
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